Hugh Bland


I was born in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) I have always taken an interest in Heritage, and Historical sites and Military history. I have a heritage site at www.kznpr.co.za that has over 75000 images of KwaZulu-Natal and during my travels in South Africa and neighboring states, I have accumulated many general travel, history, wildlife and military images, that may be of interest to travelers or those simply wishing to explore this diverse part of Africa.


My Grandfather was an early settler in Zimbabwe (1894) and initially was a Transport rider, and traveled extensively in Southern Africa, albeit at slower pace.  “Travelling Camera” is a modern day image based version of MY travels. I have also traveled extensively, particularly in rural areas ,and been privileged to see some of the less traveled places in South Africa, away from the normal tourist routes.

As a regular participant in the Dusi, Umkomaas, Tugela and Umzimkulu Canoe Marathons, I have also had the privilege of experiencing our rural backwaters and landscapes first hand.

I hope this image based site will be of interest to others, who, like me, who are fascinated by Africa’s diversity and maybe stimulate the travel bug.

Some of the blogs are intended to be a record of some of the places of interest, that will stand as a record in future years, and not necessarily of interest to all travelers.

I have recently completed the photography for a book : Farmhouses of Old Natal, which was published early in December 2017. In 2019 I published a book The Trappist Missions, KwaZulu-Natal’s Forgotten Treasure, on the 23 missions in KZN, and then Addington Children’s Hospital & Nurses’Home in 2020, the story of Durban’s iconic children’s hospital.

I presently live in La Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal (July 2o2o)