Namibia – Aus Feral Horses.

Namibia – Aus Feral Horses.

Any trip to Namibia should at some time take in the opportunity to see the Namibian wild, feral horses between Aus and Luderitz.

About 30 kilometers to the west of Aus, near Garub, on the road to Luderitz, one can find the viewing enclosure that enables one to view the feral horses coming to the waterhole.

It is soon apparent from their behavior, that these horses are extremely wild. They are constantly rearing up, kicking and biting each other. It makes for a spectacle.

The horses are not always at the waterhole as they have to range some distance to get adequate food. The horses have been genetically tested and the closest links seem to be of Arabian blood, however the link is tenuous. Genetic changes have not been seen for a long time within this small group, consisting of about 150 in total.

It is believed that the origins of the horses were from abandoned farms during WWI and bloodstock originating from the German military, and S.A Military from the WWI era.