Botswana & Namibia

Ones first sighting of the quiver tree, (Aloidendrum dichotomum) is always memorable but if you want to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, a forest of them, head for Keetmanshoop and look for the signs to this great natural sight, about 14 kilometers north east of the town. Amongst the dolerite rocks are the distinctive Kokerbooms or Quiver Trees. The trees can grow up to eight metres high and a metre wide at the base. The starkness of the trees in this harsh climate is a special sight.

In 1487 Bartolomew Diaz landed in Luderitz Bay and erected a Padrao near the harbour , one of many that he erected to mark his journey around the coast of Africa. The Germans had colonized what was to become German South West Africa and the town of Luderitz was formed in 1883.

  Kolmanskop is named after Johnny Coleman who was a transport rider and stopped over at this point. The site was part of the diamond mining enterprise stated in 1908 after Zacharias Lewals found a diamond whilst working in the area. German miners began the settlement...

[caption id="attachment_16090" align="aligncenter" width="302"] The Karakal Monument[/caption] Keetmanshoop is a major junction town on the road between Upoington and Windhoek and connecting roads to the east and west. The town named after Johann Keetman (benefactor of the town)was an important centre when Namibia (formerly German South West Africa) was a colony of Imperial Germay. The German architectural influence is noticable in the town and old Imperial Monuments can be seen in the town centre.

Moremi and the Kwai Concession are on the northern regions of the Delta. Moreme is a national game park, whilst the Kwai Conceesion is a community controlled area, where operators are allowed to establish eco friendly establishments, with strict compliance requirements. This album has images from Moremi, the Concession and Sango Lodge within the concession area.

Chobe National Park in northern Botswana is a must see for any visitors to Southern Africa. The Chobe National Park is on the South Bank of the Chobe and bordering Namibia, and forms the northern part of the extensive wetland area of the Okavongo.