Camdeboo National Park – Eastern Cape

Camdeboo National Park – Eastern Cape

Situated alongside Graaf-Reinet, the 14500 acre Camdeboo National Park has unequalled views and landscapes.


The Park formed part of the town common-age until 1979, when it became the Karoo nature Reserve. The reserve was donated by WWFSA to San-parks, and this came an official part of San-parks on 30 October 2005.

The highlight of a visit is a drive up the mountain to the dolerite peaks, where one can look out over the town of Graaf-Reinet, and into the far distance of the Valley of Desolation.

There are many picnic sites on the reserve, hiking trails , and 4*4 trails to visit and see the wildlife and birds.

Along the way to the Park the road skirts the Van Ryneveld Dam and the memorial to Gideon Scheepers, who was executed by the British troops in the Boer War, as a rebel. The Dam, which opened in 1925, is on the Sundays River with a wall 46m high and 381m in length.

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