Ones first sighting of the quiver tree, (Aloidendrum dichotomum) is always memorable but if you want to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, a forest of them, head for Keetmanshoop and look for the signs to this great natural sight, about 14 kilometers north east of the town. Amongst the dolerite rocks are the distinctive Kokerbooms or Quiver Trees. The trees can grow up to eight metres high and a metre wide at the base. The starkness of the trees in this harsh climate is a special sight.

This east west dirt road between Patensie and Willomore was built between 1880 and 1890 by South Africa  road engineer, Thomas Bain.  The road is 197 kilometers between the two towns of which 173 kilometers in the park, wilderness area and farmlands to the west.  Smitskraal is 44 kilometers from the eastern gate.

The Pretoria CBD is filled with heritage. The church square is surrounded with old Colonial buildings with differing architectural styles, including the Flemish influence introduced by the Dutch Settlers.

Gold mining in Zimbabwe goes back to the second millenia with traces of gold and stories of mining traced back to Mapungubwe in South africa and to Great Zimbabwe. It is an established fact that the early Zimbabweans traded gold with the Arabic slave traders and then with the early Portuguese settlers in Mozambique in the 1500's.

Wynford Farm in the eastern Free State is a delightful place to stay. For those who like the simple good value offerings of yesteryear, this is the place to stay. There is no glamour or glitz, but old fashioned hospitality, well cooked home food, basic...