Ponto De Oura – Mozambique

Ponto De Oura – Mozambique

Ponta de Oura is the southern-most village in Mozambique and is approximately 15 kilometers from the Sa Border. The quiet remoteness has changed the vibe somewhat in the last year after the tarring of the Kosi bay to Catembe Bridge.

Ponta de Oura, meaning Point or Tip of Gold is a favourite holiday destination for fishermen, dolphin tours, deep sea fishing and diving. The Mozambique  Maputo Elephant Reserve is also close being between Maputo, 120 km to the north, and the villages along the coast.

There is plenty of accommodation varying from the very rustic to more modern resorts along the beachfront. There are many old buildings abandoned during the war and limited facilities in the village.

There are a few beach restaurants along the beach front and pubs where the local beers can be enjoyed.

The attraction of Ponta is the rustic simplicity and long beaches with the warm Mozambique current creating ideal bathing conditions.