Elephant at Nxai Pans – Central Botswana

Baines Baobabs first painted by Thomas Baines circa 1860.

One of Kwai Conservancy’s many Queens – Botswana

Sunset cruise on the Chobe River – Border of Namibia and Botswana (Kazungula)

Kwai – Botswana – eying the next meal

Hippo in River Kwai – Botswana

Kwai – The next generation at play

Kwai River – Botswana – The undisputed King

Planet Baobab – Central Botswana

Planet Baobabs tranquil pool

Thobolos water hole – Central Botswana – a welcome stopover.

Elephant Sands – eastern Botswana – elephant reflections

The mighty baobab – central Botswana – Planet Baobab

A water hole in central Botswana – Planet Baobab

Kwai Conservancy – Little Sable Lodge

Kazungula – Botswana – Senyati Camp and Chalets