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Gold mining in Zimbabwe goes back to the second millenia with traces of gold and stories of mining traced back to Mapungubwe in South africa and to Great Zimbabwe. It is an established fact that the early Zimbabweans traded gold with the Arabic slave traders and then with the early Portuguese settlers in Mozambique in the 1500's.

[caption id="attachment_16126" align="aligncenter" width="413"] Prince Albert - St John's The Baptist , Anglican Church[/caption] Prince Albert, the Karro town at the western side of the Swartberg Mountains, was founded in 1762, on the farm Queekvalleij. Originally named Albertsberg, its name was changed in 1845 to Prince Albert.

In order to escape the control of the British, in 1838 many Boers led by leaders like, Potgieter, Uys, Retief and Maritz, left the Eastern Cape and Western cape and headed into the hinterland of what is now the Transvaal, Free State and Natal.

  Kolmanskop is named after Johnny Coleman who was a transport rider and stopped over at this point. The site was part of the diamond mining enterprise stated in 1908 after Zacharias Lewals found a diamond whilst working in the area. German miners began the settlement...

[caption id="attachment_16099" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Marakele a world of landscapes[/caption] MarakeleNational Park (formerlyKransberg National Park) in Limpopo Province was established in 1994 in theWaterberg region. The park has a wide range of habitat due to the dramatic mountain range that rises 1000 metres from the park lowlands. The...

[caption id="attachment_16090" align="aligncenter" width="302"] The Karakal Monument[/caption] Keetmanshoop is a major junction town on the road between Upoington and Windhoek and connecting roads to the east and west. The town named after Johann Keetman (benefactor of the town)was an important centre when Namibia (formerly German South West Africa) was a colony of Imperial Germay. The German architectural influence is noticable in the town and old Imperial Monuments can be seen in the town centre.

In addition to the Military Garden of Remembrance to the east of Barberton, is the old cemetery dating back to the early days of the town founded in the 1880's.

Wynford Farm in the eastern Free State is a delightful place to stay. For those who like the simple good value offerings of yesteryear, this is the place to stay. There is no glamour or glitz, but old fashioned hospitality, well cooked home food, basic...

Mapungubwe was the capital of an ancient civilization that lived on the banks of the Limpopo River at its confluence with the Shashi River. This is now the corner of SA, Zimbabwe and Botswana.