Travel Recommendations

Anyone wanting an experience of incredible beauty should consider chartering a flight from Durban down the Wild Coast to Port St Johns. Better still take a week out and fly to Umngazi Bungalows , leaving Virginia airport and landing at the table top airstrip at Port St Johns. The approach going in to the strip is pure adrenalin with majestic views thrown in.

Beaufort West in the northern limits of the Western Cape is an interesting town, that still retains some of the old world charm, and lies within sight of the Great Karoo National Park.

  For those with a Military bent, a short detour to this garden of remembrance is of great interest. The garden has the coat of arms of many S.A. Regiments dating from the Boer War through to WWII, a memorial to the Hamshire Regiment who died in a rail crash in Easter 1902 killing many of its members. Also included are monuments in the Barberton Cemetery commemorating concentration camp members.

Bergendal battle fought on 27 August 1900, represents to the Boers, the courage of their men in the face of overwhelming odds.It also represented the last stand of the ZARPS (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek Polisie), force of 74, as a unit,  commanded by Sarel Oosthuizen of whom, 40 were killed or injured in the ensuing battle featuring heavy artillery fire.

  Kruger National Park, proclaimed in 1898 by Paul Kruger (Sabie Game Reserve from 1898 to 1926), is globally reknowned for its wild life, but there is also a wide diversity of flora, from the Crocodile River in the south to the Limpopo River in the north, a distance of 360 kilometers, and encompasing an area of 19485 square kilometers.

Moremi and the Kwai Concession are on the northern regions of the Delta. Moreme is a national game park, whilst the Kwai Conceesion is a community controlled area, where operators are allowed to establish eco friendly establishments, with strict compliance requirements. This album has images from Moremi, the Concession and Sango Lodge within the concession area.